Quicksand 2023

“Quicksand,” helmed by director Andres Beltran and penned by Matt Pitts, follows the tumultuous journey of a couple facing divorce as they travel to South America. The film opens with an intense prologue in the rainforest featuring hunters, setting the tone for a gripping thriller. However, the subsequent scenes lose their impact due to excessive fast cutting and an overpowering score. Carolina Gaitán and Allan Hawco portray the struggling couple, whose failing marriage becomes evident during their exploration of the Bogotá rainforest. While the concept of self-discovery amidst danger is promising, weak writing and excessive direction prevent the film from fully realizing its potential. Despite the actors’ sincere efforts, “Quicksand” ultimately fails to leave a lasting impression. Visit afdah movie for more!

Quicksand | June 23, 2023 (United States) Summary: Follows a married couple almost divorcing who become trapped in quicksand while hiking through a rainforest in Colombia. They will battle the elements of the jungle and must work together in... Read all
Countries: ColombiaLanguages: English

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