The Secret Kingdom 2023

“The Secret Kingdom” summons ethereal childhood recollections, resembling half-remembered fragments of a movie that may or may not have existed. Matt Drummond’s fantastical creation is poised to evoke a similar wistful sentiment in the future generation of youngsters. This magical tale revolves around children who chance upon a concealed, whimsical world hidden beneath their bedroom floor, unknowingly becoming integral to a prophecy. It may stir memories of a book you once devoured or a film you once watched, offering a comforting sense of familiarity, save for the delightful presence of pangolins.

Peter and Verity, the siblings, stumble upon this enchanting kingdom and embark on a grand adventure. Verity eagerly embraces the journey, while Peter’s doubts and apprehensions about the unknown begin to surface. A multitude of pangolins alerts the brother and sister to the perilous attack on their realm by an evil entity known as The Shroud. Tasked with saving the kingdom, Peter and Verity must navigate riddles, face treacherous creatures, and summon their inner strength to locate five magical treasures.

“The Secret Kingdom” presents a straightforward narrative that children can easily follow: young heroes on a mission, encountering a variety of creatures who aid them in their quest. Its familiar nature brings both comfort and predictability. While not a subpar or mindless form of entertainment for children, “The Secret Kingdom” may not be a film that families actively seek out unless they harbor a deep love for fantasy stories. Visit for more!

The Secret Kingdom | April 27, 2023 (Australia) Summary: Story of anxious Peter (12) and his sister Verity (9), taken underground by a garrison of armoured pangolin.
Countries: AustraliaLanguages: English

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